For Electricians in Pinjarra you can always count on The Electrical Contractors with over 32 years’ experience in the Pinjarra area.

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Ballantyne Electrical Contractors

If you require an electrician in Pinjarra or Electrical Contractors in the Pinjarra area, call Ballantyne Electrical who has been supplying electricians to the Pinjarra area for over 32 years this year.

Pinjarra Electricians, Ballantyne Electrical, have been trading in the Pinjarra area for 32 years this year. The Electrical contractor has a wide range of qualified trades people to cater for all your internal or external electrical needs. If you live in Pinjarra why not call Ballantyne's today, they're sure to help. Call Ballantyne’s today

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  1. Samuel Roberts

    Fastest service in the Pinjarra area!

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  2. Josephine Spain

    Fast and reliable service! Very friendly staff.

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