The Ballantyne Plumbing, Gas & Electrical (WA) Client Promotion 2013


Congrats To Our 2013 Winners Below - 'My Place Real Estate' in Baldivis

My Place Real Estate 

Every year in appreciation of the continued support we receive from our valued registered Clients, we offer with this promotion a trip to the movies, plus a holiday or a LED lighting package! 

The Options:

Option 1 = Movies all year plus a Holiday Voucher to value of $1500

Option 2 = Movies all year plus a LED lighting fit-out to value of $1500

For every work order or accepted quotation received between March 1st and November 22nd 2013 Clients will qualify for movie tickets and Holiday voucher or LED package.

• For every 10 work orders receive – 1 x Double Movie Pass to Ace Cinemas.

• Bonus = For every 50th work order received – 1 x Double Gold Lounge Pass.

• All entries then go into end of year draw for Holiday or LED light package.