At Ballantyne Plumbing Gas & Electrical, the General Manager wants to know if our customers have a complaint or a grievance with anything to do with our company. If you, for some reason, are “not happy” with:-

  • An invoice, or the structure of an invoice;
  • A charge on an invoice;
  • The service that we have provided;
  • Our on road driving quality and/or road manner;
  • Or a complaint with anything to do with our company. 

Then please email your grievance to and tell the General Manager your complaint or grievance in writing via the email. Or simply click the complaint email button below to send your email:

complaint email button

This email goes directly to the General Manager/Director who will assess your email/complaint. The General Manager will review “the information and facts” that you have provided. So please be detailed and factual with the content of your email, and this will help and speed up our investigation. Depending on the type of complaint, a “Grievance” may be created and our Grievance Procedure will be actioned by the management of Ballantyne Plumbing Gas & Electrical. A Grievance Procedure means that management MUST investigate and reply back to you with a detailed and accurate response. 

The timeframe of a reply will all depend on the type of complaint or grievance, including the size of the investigation required and our staff availability due to staff leave. Note that some complaints and grievances can take up to 2 weeks for small issues, and up to 4 to 8 weeks for large issues. 

Please be patient if you do email a complaint that needs to be addressed, but also please be rest assured that your complaint has been sent to and received by the General Manager/Director, when you sent your email complaint directly to or click the button below:

complaint email button